The high performance functional masterbatches synthesized by weather-resistant pigments and additives such as antibacterial, flame retardant, antioxidant and UV resistance provide a series of guarantees for the long-term stability, safety, specificity and other characteristics of the products. The safety of pipe fittings and pipes exposed to drinking water is fully guaranteed. The masterbatches are all in line with REACH SVHC 174. Drinking water food grade test GB31604.30 and other regulations.



PPR pipe masterbatch
Technical index Light fastness Temperature resistance Migration resistance Flow rate(g/11min) Color aberration Density((△E)) Moisture content(g/cm³) ROHS Appearance
Grades 6-7 ≤280℃ Grades 4-5 >2 1< - <0.3% - Cylindrical particles
Product Description The special color masterbatches for PPR pipes produced by our company all use high-quality PPR as the base material, which has good compatibility, good dispersion and fluidity, and does not affect the impact strength, tensile strength and thermal properties of PPR pipes. It conforms to national health standards and environmental protection standards, and has a test report from the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Using our color masterbatch can effectively prevent the formation of bacteria and fresh moss in the PPR tube.
Addition proportion The recommended dosage is 1% to 4%, and the user can adjust the addition ratio according to the requirements of the product color
Instructions Mix well according to a certain proportion
Package Small package: 1KG/plastic bag; Large package: 25KG/composite bag
Storage method Storage and transportation as non-dangerous goods, stored in ventilated and dry warehouse
Remark Colors and special specifications can also be customized