The color master has a good color matching and color management system. Bright colors give products a fresh texture and visual effect, and are important for cutting-edge fashion design and the development of modern electronics and appliances. At the same time, manufacturers need to consider the safety and regulatory compliance of products, including ROHS and REACH. Pigments, special effects and additive masterstocks are free of harmful substances such as heavy metals and halogens while still maintaining the required physical characteristics, helping products meet market requirements for appearance and durability.



Electrical  masterbatch
Technical index Light fastness Temperature resistance Migration resistance Flow rate(g/12min) Color aberration Density((△E)) Moisture content(g/cm³) ROHS Appearance
Grades 6-7 ≤280℃ Grades 4-5 >2 1< - <0.3% SGS Cylindrical particles
Addition proportion The recommended dosage is 1% to 4%, and the user can adjust the addition ratio according to the requirements of the product color
Instructions Mix well according to a certain proportion
Package Small package: 1KG/plastic bag; Large package: 25KG/composite bag
Storage method Storage and transportation as non-dangerous goods, stored in ventilated and dry warehouse
Remark Colors and special specifications can also be customized